Ecuador Tour Nature Guides

Ecuador Tour Nature Guides

The Best Ecuador Tour Nature Guides

Our Nature Guides are a collection of the best locations to watch nature in Ecuador, the travel to reach them is an opportunity to explore, unique landscape like the Andes, or watchings clouds, we describe some of them below, starting with the largest Rainforest of the World: the Amazon  Basin.

Amazon Tours

Amazon Tours have a duration of 4 and 5 days in order to enjoy the abundance and Diversity of Life of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

Your adventure to the Amazon Rainforest starts with a short fly from Quito over the snow-covered volcanoes easterly towards to the Amazon Rainforest, locations like Coca, Lago Agrio, Tena, Puyo are the major destinations, most have access to excellent diversity of Life.

If you wish a different path to get the to Ecuador’s Nature, we have a perfect options for Your Day Trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, we drive off eastern general direction, we follow the nature course of water, from the High Paramos in the Andes to the Misty Lowlands. Check our Day Trip to Coca.

Enjoy the largest tract of Tropical Rainforest of the Amazon Basin with a series of activities to explore and learn about the different habitats types, their wildlife and the plants.

Experiential Learning is greater when experiences are connected with unique places.


  • Natural History Hikes
  • Birdwatching Walks
  • Amphibian & Reptile Walks
  • Mammal Walks
  • Birdwatching Float
  • Sunrise Canoe Float
  • Sunset Canoe Float
  • Full Moon Canoe Float
  • Night Walks
  • Nature Photography
  • Swimming
  • Tubing
  • Visit to the Indigenous community.


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